PHP 7.1: actually… No!

September 15, 2016php, php-7.1, english

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This is the 9th post in a series about PHP 7.1.

These past few days, I wrote about the new features we’ll soon get in PHP 7.1. That being said, during about one year of development, a great number of other ideas have been discussed, many other RFCs have been written.

Some of these RFCs went to the voting phase and have been rejected, others didn’t go that far in the process, some might have been canceled… Well, many ideas have been discussed, and I’ll try listing them all here.

First, here are some RFCs that have been rejected, but caught my eyes when I recently re-read their titles:

And now, here are other proposals that have been discussed, even if the corresponding RFCs didn’t go as far as the voting phase (I think) — which means they weren’t rejected, but didn’t pass either:

Some of these were rather interesting… And even if the majority will not make a come back later, we can reasonably think a few will be re-discussed in the future!

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